Object of the Guarantee

The products delivered by Winrad Aluminium have the following properties and/or guarantees, with explicit exception of items detailed under the heading’s “validity” and “exclusions”.


Standards extruded aluminium:

  • Composition to standard EN 573 parts 3 and 4;
  • Mechanical properties to standard EN 755 part 2;
  • Tolerances to standard DIN 17 615 and EN 12020 part 2;

Standards rolled aluminium:

  • Composition painted aluminium EN AW 1050 A H24 to standard EN 573 part 3;
  • Composition anodized aluminium EN AW 5005 H14 AQ to standard EN 573 part 3;
  • Mechanical properties to standard EN 485 part 2;
  • Tolerances to standard EN 485 part 4;


A 10 year guarantees on:

  • Adherence between the polyamide strips and the aluminium.
  • Preservation of the thermal and mechanical properties of the insulator, within the boundaries defined by the technical specification.

Painting and Anodising

A 10 year guarantees on:

  • Detachment, flaking and blistering of the treated aluminium parts.
  • UV resistance, discolouring and loss of gloss exceeding the defined tolerances, according to Qualicoat and Qualanod regulations.
  • The paintwork warranty can be extended under specific conditions. These conditions can be obtained from Winrad Aluminium.


Accessories, gaskets, and synthetics profiles:

  • A 10 year guarantee on properties, functionality and design, within restrictions defined by technical specification;
  • Painting and anodizing see above.
  • A 5 year guarantee on wearing parts, only applies to normal and realistically for reasonable use.
  • A 2 year guarantee on electrical and wood components.

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