Fire Rated
Fire Rated

Fire rated and smoke exhaust systems by WinRad

A wide range of systems offered by WinRad facilitate a variety of structural elements that are responsible for “fire protection zones” in buildings, and provide the right conditions for evacuation of its occupants. These solutions include both a window wall & door system option,extending to a typical “stick assembly” curtainwall system solution.The fire resistance performance of these solutions, depending on the project requirements, are available in a variety of classes, from as low as EI 15 (15 minutes) up to a an EI class of 120 (2 hours) for vertical assemblies, and achieve a class of REI30 / RE30 for roof glazing

Technical requirements as to fire-resisting constructions in buildings.
In accordance with the requirements of the building regulations as to buildings and their location, fire-resisting door and windows that are to be installed in the openings of vertical separating elements in a building should be designed and constructed in such a way, that in case of fire:
prevent fire from spreading
limit the spread of fire and smoke in the building to other rooms and zones,
limit the spread of fire to other buildings,
allow the evacuation of building occupants by limiting the level of heat radiation,
ensure safety and facilitate the operation of emergency crews
The required fire resistance rating for partitions is determined by the provisions in force in the respective countries, and can be dependent on the fire resistance class, to which the building is suited. This is shown in the table below: